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  • Godric - Day 1

    Worn down, tired, and dusty from travelling through the night, a young, clean-shaven dwarf enters Falcon's Hollow just after day break. Godric gives a tired nod to the Labor Consortiums hired guards at the gate and makes his way towards the Jak'n'Napes. …

  • Godric

    Godric is a dwarf without a clan, his family killed years ago by unspeakable evils. He now wanders, seeking enough coin to live off and searching for something to fill the emptiness in his heart. The only contact he has in town is


    He has known Godric's family, and Godric, for years and took Godric in for a time shortly after the dwarf lost his family. They still keep in touch from time to time. Has a wife, Alissa, and several small children.

  • Laurel

    Notes from Godric:

    • Runs apothecary in Falcon's Hollow, like her mother before her.
    • Met [[:Godric]], who was investigating the sickness in town.
    • Not a witch-doctor or priestess, but rather a herbalist.
    • Trying to figure out if the …