Gnome Sorceress…


Ghaldi began learning to control the arcane arts from her father, Joesphus, after her mother, Bjart died during a raid in her small and quite village.

Joesephus (pronounced ho-es-e-fus) learned arcane magic from his father, but rarely had occassion to use these skill in their peaceful land. Joesephus taught Ghaldi the basics arcane magic, to better prepare her from future attacks. After Ghaldi learned all she could from her father, she set out to explore the land to not only learn more about the lost arts, but to also find who was behind the attack that killed her mother and exact revenge.

Ghaldi’s long time friend, Mirtah, wanted to go with Ghaldi on her new adventure. Ghaldi did not want to put him in harm’s way while she sought out her mother’s killer. Ghaldi convinced Mirtah to stay behind and look after her father while he learned to fight and protect the village.

Ghaldi was glad to be gone from her home. She was glad to be gone from the haunting memories of her slain mother. She was glad to be gone from Hyndra, a girl jealous of her friendship with Mirtah. Ghaldi suspected Hyndra to have a role in the raid, but there was no proof, and Hyndra seemed to suffer along-side the rest of the village.


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