Hollow's Last Hope

Rayssiel - Day one


You can tell it is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, the sounds of birds as they dive for fish in the river, and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. As you head downstairs for your breakfast in the common room you see Jak motion you over. “Rayssiel, this sealed note came for you this morning.” He says as he hands you the note before turning to get back into the kitchen.

“It irritates me to no end to ask your assistance, but I need to speak with you as soon as possible. Gorf Understone

So, Gorf needs a little help. Taking a deep breath a slight pain in my chest quickly reminds me that I must be ready for anything after the last few weeks. The thought of having Gorf line my pockets with money makes me smile to myself. After a quick breakfast I start making my way towards the rear of the Low Market. Gorf will leave me a second note under the rafter of the last stall telling me where to meet him. I begin taking a mental tally of all the rude remarks he has made toward me in the past few months. Oh yes, he is going to have to part with a bit more than a few pieces of change to make up for charging a night on my tab at The Rouge Lady. The street is small and crowded with people. Good. Deftly pulling the paper from the corner of the stall I slide over to an ally to read my next destination. I wonder how much he thinks he will have to pay for this favor. Crushing the paper in my hand and dropping it in the incense burning in a nearby vendor stall I casually move out of the market. One can never be too careful. - Rayssiel Losson


The meeting place is a seldom used warehouse near the docks. Inside the room the windows have been covered by a heavy tarp. You see Gorf sitting on a stool in the corner with his back up against the wall. ”’Bout time you showed up.” He breaks into a hacking cough and spits on the floor. “I have tried everything, but this cough isn’t going away. If the other business owners find out I got this they would eat me alive. I need you to find out why I am sick and get me a cure before anyone else.”

Even though I have my own cough to get rid of, I am going to squeeze Gorf for what I can. Just because I may need the cure for my own cough does not mean I cannot gain a few bucks in the process. Stifling my own cough that is tickling the back of my throat I say, “ Gorf, I am not your nurse maid. I am however intrigued as to how much is your well being worth to you? The only way you can make me feel warm and fuzzy is by lining my pocket. And keep your distance … I have no ill will to any race but that cough of yours, you can keep that to yourself.”

Bluff check? Intimidate check? to see if I get a bit more money? Hide the fact that I am in the early stages of the same malady.


Rayssiel - Day one

Gorf winces as you mention payment. “You thugs are all the same.” he grumbles. “Fine then, 10 gold if you figure out what this is and how to get rid of it. 20 if you get it to me first and as quick as you can manage.” He coughs and spits on the ground again. “I don’t know what it is, but it has already taken old man Sully. That joke of a herbalist, Laurel, claims she doesn’t know what it is. But if I was a bettin’ man I would say she is holding out to get more gold.”

With that he gets up and heads to the door as you move out of his way.

Rayssiel - Day one

I need to find this Laurel person. It makes no sense re-inventing the wheel. If she is already working on a cure maybe she could use some help. It would not hurt to get me a little bit of that cure myself. Herbalist … maybe she knows where I can get some good smoking weed. In any case getting that cure would benefit the entire village. Gorf will be happy to pay up when I get a cure to him.

Rayssiel - Day one

I head north towards Laurel’s shop. I pass a few people on the streets, mostly older residents and children. As I near the Roots’n’Remedies I see a few people waiting in line outside her door. A dwarf comes out of her shop heading away and the next person in line goes in. There are just 3 people in line right now.

Rayssiel - Day one

As I wait I start Chatting up those in line. I ask minor questions probing them for information. NIce weather we are having. How are things in the lumber bussiness going? Are they here for the same hacking cough that seems to be spreading?

Rayssiel - Day one

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