Hollow's Last Hope

Status update

Well Gin’s dad had to have more work done than they initially thought. He actually had 3 bypasses that needed to be done (two that we knew of originally, the other was to bad to fix because it constricted so much already), a valve replaced (that we knew about), and an aneurysm cut out (we found out after they opened him up). We are going back Sat morning and will not be back until Sun night. So far he is doing OK, but the daily drinking he does has caused his body to put him in a detox state. They were working on that this afternoon when we left. It will have to be addressed before then can pull the tube out of his lungs. However grim that sounds he is still doing pretty good. The surgery went fine with no hiccups (other than finding the other stuff wrong).

I will try and get something up early Monday so everyone will have a chance to read over, respond, etc. If not then it will be posted no later than Tues.


Do we update our personal adventures here or will the GM update here?

Status update

I updated my original post before I realized you had posted a comment. Sorry, if it is confusing now.

You will update your character info. The best place would be the adventure log page. Everyone will be able to easily see it that way.

Status update

WOW! Considering the circumstances, I am glad it is going as well as it has. Thinking of you and your family during this trying time. Hoping for the best.


Status update

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