Hollow's Last Hope

Ghaldi - On the road...

I’ve been on the road for a few days now. The last few towns seemed promising, but noone knew anything. I hoped I would be free of the snickers and stares when I reached Falcon’s Hollow. You would think these longfellow had never seen a Gnome. I thought we were the ones living in the trees!

Once I get settled in this town, I will ask some questions. For now, everyone is pointing me to the local Inn and the Tavern. Father would want me to head to the Inn and skip the Tavern, but we don’t get much ale out in the forest… so I’ll just check out the Tavern first. Who knows, I might even get a lead on the raiders. What was the name of that Tavern? Jaks…something. I bet these longfellows are a tough bunch…



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